Lewes Town Clock Campaign

Dear Friend & Neighbor,

With the approval and encouragement of Lewes City Council, we are seeking your support to install a historic town clock at the corner of Second and Bank Streets in Lewes.

Rather than secure a single sponsor, we are seeking to raise the total needed – $22,625 – from individual gifts, kicked-off by a $2,262.50 donation from our own charitable fund at the Greater Lewes Foundation.

The chosen supplier, Verdin Co. of Cincinnati, has been building nostalgic post clocks for small towns around the country since 1842. Review our town clock dimensions and costs.

We hope you feel this would make an attractive and practical addition to our downtown area, and can make a generous donation to help acquire and install the Lewes town clock this summer. All donors will be recognized in a Cape Gazette advertisement and invited to an installation reception.

Thank you for helping us bring this attractive new amenity to downtown Lewes. We look forward to “meeting you at the clock” for the ceremony and reception later this year.

With kind regards,
Lorraine & Steve Walker

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