About Us

Our role is to encourage & facilitate philanthropy in Greater Lewes, Delaware.

We do this by encouraging members of the Lewes community to establish charitable funds and to assume positions of leadership with key regional issues, organizations, and opportunities.

The GLF also makes grants, both from the funds we manage and from the Foundation’s own endowment, to support local nonprofit organizations, assist with charitable endeavors, and help young people from Lewes go to college.

Our Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for worthy community groups, such as Lewes in Bloom and the Cape Henlopen Education Foundation, extending nonprofit status to them in a cost-effective manner.

Finally, GLF engages in research and takes on projects for the betterment of our region, usually in collaboration with other local institutions, nonprofits, and the City of Lewes. All of this is in support of our mission: to maintain and improve the quality of life in the Greater Lewes region.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Greater Lewes Foundation.